4 Steps to Find Meaning in What You Do

Lead a life of purpose and value  1. Decompose Your Crisis If you are anything like me, you often drift into this world of questions. What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of our existence? What makes human, well, human? You get the idea. Most adults simply grow to accept that they … Continue reading 4 Steps to Find Meaning in What You Do

Resistance to the Rhythm

Conquering your weakness through introspection and reflection. If you're good enough, why do you try so hard to prove that you are? Your weakness cannot be used against you. Well, it can... if you are afraid of it. And being afraid of your weakness is being afraid of yourself. Never forget what you are, for … Continue reading Resistance to the Rhythm

What Defines You?

Whatever choice you make makes you. ― Roy T. Bennett My Name is [insert your name here]. I don’t know if I was born to do something or if my life has a purpose. I don’t know if destiny is real. But I do know that, despite what’s being real and what’s not, you have … Continue reading What Defines You?