4 Steps to Find Meaning in What You Do

Lead a life of purpose and value 

1. Decompose Your Crisis

If you are anything like me, you often drift into this world of questions. What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of our existence? What makes human, well, human? You get the idea. Most adults simply grow to accept that they can’t find answers and ignore the topic entirely. Others, like me, become somewhat depressing and overthinking about what the world would be like if there is no me. Sometimes, when it gets worse, I think about what the world would be like if I keep on being dead and born repeatedly.

But that, my friend, is no smart or healthy way of thinking about the meaning of life. I’m not saying you should run away from it by watching a comedy series or stuffing yourself with frozen yogurt every time it comes up. I’m saying you should get to know yourself better and tone down your worries to a degree that you can analyze and control, saving your brain some unnecessary drama.

2. Find a Fulfilling Job

If you’re not sure of what you want to do in life, know that you’re not alone. Don’t get all distracted or drunk every time you’re anxious about the future. Don’t try to wait for defining moments to navigate your life. Your defining moments have already happened deep inside yourself. The answer lies in being true to yourself instead of being afraid to fail or to be judged.

Write down a list of items that you enjoy doing the most and picture those items as a job description for your new career. Embark upon them. Add more to the list whenever you are inspired or happy or content or excited. Collect those items to review at the end of every day to see how your dream job starts to unravel itself. Imagine yourself in there doing that and go for it.

3. Quit Pretending You’re Stuck

If you hate your job, do something about it. Try to cope with it, giving all the good reasons as if you were in an affirmative team in a debate contest. Ask yourself questions. What are the top three things you like about your job? What are you most grateful for? How will you change your attitude in order to provide more value?

If you find yourself with these sentences:

  • I only stay because of the money.
  • It’s COVID. I have nowhere else to go.
  • I’ll wait until I find something better.

Quit. Don’t stay because you have nothing better to do. Stay because your heart is in it or don’t stay at all. What’s the point of wasting your time and energy on something you’re not passionate about? Take a leap. You’ll find something more like you when you truly have the courage to be yourself.

4. Have Purpose in Small Things

Everything that you do and everything that you think about is you. If you’re consumed by one of the bad things that happened, you’re leaning a degree further towards the bad side. If you feed your brain with countless Instagram pictures, Facebook videos, and other distractions, you’ll become those things that you see. You are what you eat, but you are also what you read, watch, and absorb into your system.

A consultant once told me that everyone has a purpose. The reason why most of them fail is because of fear and procrastination. Instead of registering your fear and evaluate its roots, you find yourself buried in your cell phone, numbing your thoughts, passion, and dreams, and at the same time, acting against your desired milestone in life. Have a purpose in everything that you do. Watch yourself. The moment you’re out of control, something else controls you.

Live a better life.


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