What Defines You?

Whatever choice you make makes you. ― Roy T. Bennett

My Name is [insert your name here].

I don’t know if I was born to do something or if my life has a purpose. I don’t know if destiny is real. But I do know that, despite what’s being real and what’s not, you have to make choices in life.

Big Choices.

Sometimes those choices involve hurting some people. Sometimes those choices mean you hurt yourself. But that’s okay.

A wise man once told me that, in order to grow and do better things, you have to solve better problems. You can also feel like you are lost. You will also feel, at times, that you are running just to meet the beginning.

I agree that age doesn’t bring wisdom and experience doesn’t necessarily mean you are better. But it certainly gives you more colors and tastes. It certainly allows you more space to reflect and find your own balance.

Your Choice

Your past doesn’t define you, your choice does. And as long as I’m here, I’ll continue to explore the colors, to find more reasons to appreciate, and more cause to change the courses. I am a representation of humanity. And So Are You…

That doesn’t mean we should be alike. It just means that, deep down, each of us knows exactly what it takes to get us to the place we want to go. That leaves us with the cost we have to pay to get there.

Your Definition

My Name is [insert your name here].

All my life, I’ve been a prodigy, a weirdo, and a rebel. I might be someone else some other days. I might not. I don’t know the name that suits me. I just know the choice that does.



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