Sometimes When You Hate, You Love

The light that you gave me will everglow. ― Coldplay


Sometimes when you’re in pain, you smile.

Rainbow after the rain.

Butterflies after the snow.

The night with a glow of hope.


Sometimes when you win, you lose.

The web keeps on spinning.

A spider steals the lights from those eyes.

A tiger that wants to cry.


Sometimes when you’re warm, it’s cold.

The night is lonely.

Soulmate is sound asleep.

At least the ghosts are alone.


Sometimes when you fall, you fly.

Broken wings soar in the cloud.

Buried wound jumps out to sing.

Cuts that are not meant for the skin.


Sometimes when you love, you hate.

Black paint covers blue memories.

Hurt blends in a glass of smoothie.

Loving hands feel so empty.


Sometimes when you’re scared, you’re brave.

Monkeys leap their first tree.

The birds get slippery.

The world you left for me.


Sometimes when it rains, it shines.

Age won’t bring you wisdom.

Pain will be certain.

Love will never die. 




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