Sleeping Under The Stars

The silence in the air felt like my soul froze. ― DJ Snake

xfinite_art_sleeping under the stars

Mnus: Sometimes I feel that this universe, we’re the only ones who are really alive. And with you, I could be anything.

Star: That’s what makes love special, you know. The one constant in all uncertainties.

Mnus: Without you, the universe is like air. It still operates, but there’s always going to be something missing. You know I can still feel you even when I can’t see you.

Star: You are a beautiful person inside out for me. I’m the luckiest in this world to be with you.

Mnus: People felt themselves watching you even before they knew that there was anything different about you. You’re so beautiful you make the sky cry. You hear people beyond their words; they make wishes looking at you.

Star: I’ve looked for love in every stranger. All of these years, no one can make my heart beat the way that you can. All of these years, I’ve waited for you. Everyone comes to me for their dreams, but you come wondering how lonely I must be. Everyone looks at me, but you’re the only one who sees me.

Mnus: It’s sad that we really had to be a little more sad to see everything. I think loneliness connects us. I couldn’t have been so me without you. I still can’t believe that you’re mine. I still can’t believe your beautiful soul hasn’t been touched by anyone but me.

Star: I’m not going to convince you that I came for you, but I did. People love beautiful things, but even the things we are not proud of are parts of us. You are the only one who loves my beautiful weakness better than my ugly strength.

Mnus: I smile thinking of how warm you are. I’ve loved right so many times with the wrong souls. I woke up everyday from my nightmares, yearning for the warmth that was not there.

Star: You can’t love someone without making yourself open to their problems, their fear. To truly be in love with someone is to fall in love with their flaws. Your flaws, my dear, are what I’ve lived so long to love.

Mnus: It’s the way we hold each other when nobody’s looking. There are two times when I feel connected to this universe: when I’m alone and when I look up upon you.

Star: Do you see that person over there? The one who acts like he believes he’s not good enough? That was me before I met you. You made me recover the uniqueness I’d lost to eternity.

Mnus: A pair of hands that never touched can feel greater than all the experience in the world combined. A pair of lips that never flirted can blurt out the most beautiful words. A pair of eyes that stopped begging to be understood because no one could.

Star: You shook the angel in me.

Mnus: The silence in the air normally freezes my soul. But with you, even silence can feel like an embrace.

Star: How is it that we are miles apart but with the same rhythm of the hearts?


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