Are You A Good Driver?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ― Marcel Proust

xfinite_are you_are you a good driver

People usually ask others to rate their driving skills. Some even go further to make people choose who is better between themselves and someone else. What makes you a good driver, anyway? What do you do better than other people?

Think about it this way. If person A tries to inspire person B, it takes more than the actual talent from person A to do the trick. The missing element is person B’s will to be inspired. What good would it be to let a cow watch a staggering TV series?

Driver A and Driver B are also connected.

A good driver doesn’t drive too fast or too slow. A good driver doesn’t need to hit the brake too often. Why? Because a good driver doesn’t just see oneself on the road, trying to figure out whether she is good. The driver sees the road and all of the cars on it in perfect harmony, balancing every move from A to Z to keep the whole traffic safe.

So you see! You can tell a lot about a person based on their driving.

Everyone has their own reasons for their actions. We tend to take that as a logical excuse to defend our hurtful behavior. We tend to let ourselves believe that other people would not understand what it’s like to be us.

We can’t let ourselves get away with that self-lifted explanation. We can’t keep soothing our ego every time our conscience surfaces. We ought to know there are consequences from our actions and we ought to remember it is not “cool” or “brave” to harm someone.

You want to be a good driver? Look at other people around you. They’re going somewhere too. They want to get there as much as you do. It is time you stop seeing them as someone in your way. It is time you stop pretending each of your honks is shooting missiles.

You want to be a good person? Stop thinking about your own reasons. Apologize when you hurt someone. Minimize your wounding bullets. Protect your individuality without having to sabotage others’.

See the world not just as a traffic jam. See it as so many colors that it couldn’t be accidental you are all here in one place.

See it as a harmony, a particular direction everyone is thriving toward.


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