The Fault in Our Modern Happiness

No one ever did anything big by reading small. ― WSJ

xfinite_sociology_the fault in our modern happiness

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been told all the things we need to have to be happy.

Beauty. Fame. Money. Things.

Our voice is lost to popular opinions. Our souls carry the burden of wrong values, careers, and relationships. We weren’t born red but we’ll paint ourselves just to fit right in. Our feelings roll around like a roller coaster; we have no solid ground.

Think more. If we don’t know ourselves, we are nothing but puppets to society. We care too much about what’s going on in the world. What about what’s going on in us? If you know what you need, comparing yourself to someone else won’t even sting as much as an ant bite.


A lot of our time has been invested in our phones. We put it right on the table during conversations and we react as it vibrates? How do you think that makes our friends feel? They feel so bad that they have to pull their phones out too. How many likes is our friendship worth?

We need a meme to cure our sadness? We need distractions to bottle up our emotions? We need people to text us to prove we’re not pathetic and alone? Nobody listens anymore. We only listen to throw quick solutions which boost our confidence.

Stop scrolling. Your screen time hurts your relationships. Your children scream for attention. Your spouse is insecure. Your friends are ignored. What do you want to see everything for? Why do you care if you’re not invited to the party?


Is it what we need or we’ve been told to need? It’s 20 years preparing for a future that possibly isn’t that satisfying. Why are we designed to fit a certain timeline? These standards and expectations have killed many people. How could they claim to seek happiness for us?

Own it. No modern problems can be solved by traditional solutions. Children shouldn’t be something just to make their parents proud. We shouldn’t be something just so we could be better than someone. We shouldn’t do something just so we can post about it on social media. Be content with yourself. Nobody else needs to know.


People who enter our lives always teach us something but what they teach us is what we often learn by ourselves. They probably never even know they taught us. There isn’t anything anyone can teach you that’s not already in you.

Once in a while, do nothing. It’s one of the only times you can focus in this fast-moving world. Acknowledge your judgment as lazy thinking. Encourage creativity and quit finding flaws in people’s lives. There’s no benefit from wasting your time on endless gossips and angry comments.

Slow down. Your most brilliant ideas come from when you’re bored. Your most brilliant self visits this world when you’re not distracted. Relax and give your head some space. Stop feeding your brain with small information.


Don’t expect. Nobody can be good for you all the time. When you’re stressed, treat yourself with your favorite meal. Keep yourself calm and composed. Never shut a part of yourself away. Never expect anybody to heal you. If they can solve your problems, they might become the next ones.

You don’t need to be happy all the time. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on somebody. Your happiness seriously shouldn’t depend on replies and emojis. Make yourself your best therapy. My dearest friend, happiness doesn’t lie in a diamond ring.

You’ve been lied to. You’ve been told all the things you need to have to be happy.

Don’t limit your life in that lie.


7 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Modern Happiness

  1. I found this to be one of the most profoundest article I have ever read about in quite awhile now. I can’t help but to agree on almost all of the things you have mentioned. Very relatable as well!!! Honestly, it is sort of sad to read. However, in the end, it also makes you appreciate those who do understand your point of views and loves you unconditionally. It made all of us realize not to settle less on things that truly matters to us.

    Keep up the great work. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We’re only social animals; we can’t help but desire to fit in. That’s probably people design the technology that they do because it responds to our ultimate desire to be seen and understood. Little do we know our little creation has become the platform of validation.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. Your comment was very moving.


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