I Wish You Could See the You I See

If what you are is a strange you, it only means you should change your point of view. ― Amy Powers

xfinite_art_I wish you could see the you I see

Sometimes I think the world tortured me to let me know how special you are.

I really need to get over your laughter. My jokes aren’t that funny, but you laugh along with me. Your laughter lights me up. It lights everybody up. Even ones who are jealous of your gut. I keep staring at your seat while you’re gone.

“I wish you could see the you I see”. You walk like you own the ground. You beam like your smiles aren’t free. You hear me beyond my words. Your “shut up” didn’t hurt; it was funny. I’m probably not an introvert. I just don’t fit in many places. Not the way I fit in with you, anyway.

“I looked for love in every stranger”. I’m afraid of nothing but infinity. People said I’ve wasted my time; people say a lot of things. They just want to throw advice at you so they don’t have to listen anymore. Not you. You simply said, “next life, you’re not Vitak”.

“You have sadness living in places sadness shouldn’t live”. The greatest tragedy is that you’re convinced you’re not beautiful. Our conversations invade dreams; our secrets suddenly don’t seem so heavy. Your brick wall is so high I’m lucky you ever let me in.

You make me feel better when I feel unworthy. You asked me how the world looks in ultraviolet eyes and whether everybody’s heart is purple. If we had the ability to see people’s hearts, would color matter at all?

You heal what hurt me. You made sure I didn’t bleed on people who didn’t cut me. You have the whole world on your shoulders, yet you let me bleed on you. You let me bleed on you even when you never cut me.

You said the darndest things. You told me you know me, but you just can’t wrap your mind around it. You told me I’m wacky to the point that surprised you that we’re friends. I farted in your face and asked how you could ever live with me. “That’s my destiny”, you said.

“You see me at my worst and still think me at my best”. I’ve been singing for 20 years; it’s a good thing that humans can’t hear themselves. You fall asleep every time I sing Speak Softly Love by Andy Williams. I don’t understand how you manipulate your whole system to love me.

I hope you’re reading this and I hope you’re happy. You’re full of beautiful pieces I’m so lucky to see. You’ve become my home.

Nobody was ever my home.



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