When Should You Give Up?

When things go wrong, don’t go with them. ― Elvis Presley

xfinite_sociology_when should you give up

How many times have you thought of quitting in the middle of something? If success comes with more haters, is it really worth it? How do you know if what you’re doing is valid? How do you know when to give up?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you regret what you did today? You shouldn’t dedicate your whole life to something that is expected of you. What is the point if you can’t do what you want to do? What is the point if you don’t love what you do?

Dare to want it. Dare to own it. If there is another life, you will not even remember it. You only have one chance at your dream. Who said you ever have to do anything to deserve someone’s love? Even your parents must realize that their sacrifice shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your freedom.

Give it your best and best things shall you get. Nobody was born to be a follower. Nobody was born unimportant. It is nothing but your thoughts which shape who you can be. People will break, beat, burn you. None of that is your problem if you never hurt anybody. You’ll find out that their perspectives can easily be changed if you stand strong.

So when do you stop?

Chhunny Noem, the founder at VIPASSA, told XFINITE that he would continue to do what he does even if he can only inspire one person. He truly believes that the one inspired person will inspire one more person. And that one person will continue to ‘pay it forward’.

Your job isn’t to convince the whole world of your new crazy idea. You only need to steal the heart of one person. Just one. That person will do everything to make sure you receive enough credits for the work that you do.

Never ever give up if someone still believes in you. You will finally see what they knew was inside you all along. Use that energy to lighten you up when you’re in the dark places. Anybody can think of something. The difference is not everybody believes in it.

Get out there and start to share your heart. It is astounding that every one of us has so much love to give. It is unbelievable that, if we look closer, we have the ability to change the world just by trying to understand.

So try to understand.

If you think their ideas are cool, tell them. For all you know, you might be the last drop to fulfill their cup. You might be all it takes to remake this flawed world. You have the power to be happy and to make somebody happy.

Why are we being negative when we can support? We don’t even need to spend a penny from our pocket. We don’t even lose anything but gain so much.

The world has lost enough creativity because of negativity. Why do teachers try to identify our mistakes when they already like our essays? Why do people trash-talk about others just to make themselves feel better?

It all begins from you.

Even if you decide to give up, don’t tell someone else to.



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