Only Read This If You are Insecure

There is only one you in the world. What if being yourself is enough? ― Sunim

xfinite_humanity_only read this if you are insecure

Do you hate me?

Stop asking that question. Why do you need someone else to love you in order for you to feel complete? Why can’t you complete yourself? Why do you drag people into your head and let them validate you for free?

Is it your childhood?

You blame your childhood for this. You please strangers and push your friends away. You work so hard to get approval from everyone. You date someone who understands you because your parents don’t. You buy luxurious things that the younger you could never afford. You feel the need to compensate for being mistreated and misunderstood in the past.

You still can’t fill the hollow inside.

The world moves on. Trying to be like someone else won’t make you good enough. You are going to die one day. Everybody you know is going to die one day. Why do you beat yourself up over mistakes that will eventually be forgotten? Why do you give people the permission to hurt you when they point out your flaws?

No regret.

Do something with everything you have. Pour your heart out. All of it. Summon your energy from every source in your body and don’t hold back. People can say whatever they wish to say, but it isn’t your job to care. You already have given all of you. If that isn’t enough, what is?

Heal your past.

You can find your suffering past within you, lurking around in the shadows. Comfort the child the way you wanted to be comforted. Heal all wounds that was achingly sore. Provide the child the love from which she was stolen. Let the child go and give yourself a hug.

Do you love me?

Do you love you? If you don’t, please love you. If you do, please love you more. You can never receive enough affection if you don’t start it from yourself. Look in the mirror and learn to love all of your imperfections. Stare at the reflection that stares back at you, and shout ‘I love you’.

Love yourself.

You are not alone; you have you. When everyone gives up on you, you still have you. Do what you love and what makes you happy. Don’t give all of your time to that one person until you are drained. There is nothing wrong with you if somebody stops loving you.

Stop letting haters define your life.

Just live.



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