The Fear of Infinity

A beginning with no beginning, and an end with no end. ― Anonymous

xfinite_fiction_the fear of infinity

Some people call it Apeirophobia. Others either do not know it exists or they do not understand what it is. It is a fear that makes so much sense until there is no way out. Not even turning religious.

I was four when it first started.

What happens before life? What happens after death? Why do I exist? Where did I come from? Where will I go when I die? If I have to be somewhere else, what is the point of being here right now? What is the point?

I remembered asking the grown-ups these questions. My Buddhist grandparents said that life is a circle. “You cannot find the end nor the beginning. Ignorance created the eternal circle.” Then who created ignorance? How could we “not understand” if we did not exist in the first place?

It did not help when I learned about Nirvana. It is the ultimate goal of a true Buddhist to find peace. Once one finds it, one no longer suffers. One becomes nothing for eternity. Why would you want to be nothing forever and ever?

I call my only fear the fear of infinity. Maybe I was never afraid of infinity. Maybe I was afraid of how little I have control over this immeasurable period of time. My head cannot wrap around the idea of me being nothing when the world keeps going on and on.

When the world dies, the universe keeps going on and on.

When the universe dies, who-knows-what keeps going on and on.

It is beyond words. There were wheels spinning back and forth in my brain when I could not sleep. There were infinite reflections. Optical illusions. There were just so much that I can and cannot see.

In television commercials back in 2006, AFC cracker package came with a tiny picture of the package itself printed on the package. I wondered if the tiny package also had a tinier package on it. I wondered if the tinier package also had an even tinier package. I wondered…

What if everything we were told is an unintentional lie? Why did people back then believe in a flat earth? What if tomorrow we find out it is a different shape? A giant bowl lifted by a space turtle…

Just like fire. When one flame dies, another comes up. We never know if the new one is the old one. We never know if the new one is made up of the old one. We never know where the old one goes if it does not come back.

Past, present, future.

You cannot change the past even if you knew the whole story. You cannot change the future because how would you even know what to change? You do not even know what you do not know right now.

Are we better than our past selves?

That is the question I have asked myself for more than 15 years. I found the answers in the book called Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. It was when the character described a fictional city called Maurilia:

It is pointless to ask whether the new ones are better or worse than the old since there is no connection between them, just as the old postcards do not depict Maurilia as it was, but a different city which, by chance, was called Maurilia, like this one.

There may not be a connection between past, present, future.

If you have this fear like me, know that you are not alone. Know that there is nothing wrong with you. Know that you are wise for asking the questions for the secrets of the universe. Try not to be obsessed with the past. If you spend too much time looking into the rear-view mirror, you will crash what is in front of you.

Let your mind wander and your lips sing to the point where you do not remember where one song ends and another begins.

It is okay to “not understand”.

Nobody does.



10 thoughts on “The Fear of Infinity

  1. Interesting and thought provoking.
    Years ago when I started asking those same deep questions – I befriended a fellow Berean who shared with me about the Spiritual Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. My journey to understanding these gifts originated with Jeremiah 33:3.

    When I dig deep into the Power of Elohim, I see in The Spirit the Infinity loop reflected by the “Wheel within a Wheel” of Ezekiel 1:1-28.

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      1. Vitakcheaf,
        You have brought me to my own intersection of Faith vs Fear. I too have been at an impasse… wondering which way to go with the ministry God has given. I think I will continue to upload to Patreon and share those on my WP site… and maybe progress from just reading the scriptures into sharing Holy Spirit insights as well – I pray for confirmation ❤

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  2. Very interesting article. Am so glad to connect with you 😊
    Faith and Fear can’t co-exist. They are the opposing views of our reality.
    And I believe all our actions ultimately stem out of Love or Fear.
    Some, like me, would love the Unknown Infinite and some would be fearful 😇

    “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.”
– Albert Einstein
    I think both, Time and Space, are mind constructs.
    Life has no meaning. It simply is. It takes on any meaning we give it 😇

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    1. A wise man once told me the same thing. “Life has no meaning. It simply is.” It does get better once I learn to accept the unknown. This fear also helps expose me to many other beautiful lessons in life.

      “Fear doesn’t shut you down. It wakes you up.” – Veronica Roth. Sometimes I think infinity is frightening. But I wouldn’t want to change a single thing. Imagine waking up discovering all the secrets of the universe. Where do we go next?

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      1. Absolutely. Fear doesn’t shut you down 👍🏾
        Courage is not the absence of fear. Though there is fear but I still want to go and explore or face the unknown; that is courage!!


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