Don’t Lose Who You Are

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. ―Maya Angelou

xfinite_sociology_don't lose who you are

The world keeps screaming at people to improve. Our nature demands us to compare. Our pain demands to be felt. Don’t you ever get tired trying to fill that void in your chest? How can you ever be yourself when the world wants you to pretend to be someone else?

Be yourself? Some people strongly believe that granting yourself permission to be you makes you a selfish individual. Maturity means people should behave in a way that does not affect the interests of others. Does that mean being true to oneself defy the interests of the rest?

Being yourself is not selfishness.

It doesn’t involve in troubling or downgrading somebody. It means that you choose to show respect for your value. It just means you’re trying less to pretend to be someone else. It takes bravery to honestly explain your dreams to somebody. It takes courage to see through all the validation and criticism.

Pretending is confusing. You can be the most popular, yet there is no one to listen to you when you feel unworthy. You can have countless friends, yet there is no one to share your secrets or the weight of the world. You can receive a million likes on social media. What does it matter if no one is there to catch you when you fall?

Think about it. If you don’t let people in, then who are they having a relationship with, you or your walls/ wounds? Who would see your beauty even if it is invisible? You’re not selfish if you care. The trick is to care about the people, not your made-up version of their judgment. You’ll be surprised that if you keep being you, you’ll attract a lot of souls who think they are alone on this earth too.

Keep being you. Your true friend will make sure to appreciate your little things. Your laughter and infectious giggle. Your resting b*tch face. Your silence even when you do not speak. Your scars and damage. They’ll understand you for the littlest thing you didn’t know could be understood. It is as if they are able to see what is written in your soul.

It might not be easy to be kind because sometimes people have not been kind to you. But there will be ones. One who notices when a butterfly lands on your hand. One who seeks to not only give but appreciate what you give. One who makes you feel like the end is not a goodbye. They’ll say:

‘I’ve never met anyone like you’. Even after they’ve traveled through all of the seven seas.

You’re attracting all the beautiful souls out there. You’ll see!



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