Would You Kill Someone?

If it’s natural to kill, how come men have to be trained to learn how? ―Baez

xfinite_sociology_would you kill someoneFun. Happiness. Enjoyment. Amusement. Pleasure. Excitement. Entertainment.

The ultimate point of human satisfaction is almost always not free. Some people will never find meaning in life. Some will trade their souls in order to fit in. A lot of human beings hold on to the distractions because we could not find anything better to keep our minds busy.

What, you might ask, are those distractions?

Distraction is a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else [1]. Instead of facing and solving a problem, the people of the modern world prefer to keep themselves occupied on a different matter. They are either too afraid or this world has made it so much easier to forget.

Social Media. A way to avoid an awkward conversation in a family dinner. An excuse to escape from work. A weapon to shade your enemy through cyberbullying. An obsession with someone’s privacy. An expectation to be more. A trendy competition platform. A distraction from natural pain. Why else would you be using your phone during your toilet moments?

Relationship. Are you in love with the person? Are you in love with the fact that you are in love? Are you scared to be lonely? Do you need someone to take care of you? You should dig the dirt and find out if it is love or distraction. Do you want to be the love of someone’s life or are you just dying to be someone’s greatest loss?

Impulsiveness. You always try to run away. Drink until you forget your ex-girlfriend. Work until you forget your blood. Pretend until you lose your core value. Judge until you break someone. You no longer love celebrities for their talent. No, you love them because they are flawed. You criticize those flaws like it is the only thing you have in common with them.

Entertainment. Nobody longs for the fairy tale. You watch Game of Thrones or Black Mirror and see the tragedy flashing before your eyes. More deaths, more torture, more pain, more devastation. Does it ever occur to you that it takes a catastrophe to somehow make you satisfied? Would the story not be as good if someone doesn’t die?

The world is brave, dangerous, and fearless. It always brings something darker. Everything in this modernity is a competition for your pleasure. Would you kill someone even if it is in your mind? If you cannot, why do you enjoy watching it so bad?

After all, this world would do anything for your enjoyment.


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