Have You Really Lived?

Only a fool is not afraid. ―Madeleine L’Engle

xfinite_humanity_have you really lived

What is the point of living if you are barely breathing? What is the point of looking good if you are dying on the inside? You will one day look back and see a life well lived or regret all the things you have never tried. You never really live if you are too afraid to die.

People tell us not to compare. The ugly truth is the more they tell us, the more we compare. We cannot help it. Every one of us has to meet certain standards and nobody cares how we get there. Nobody cares if our hands are bleeding from hanging onto the line for way too long. Nobody cares if that is not where we belong.

The ugly truth 2.0 is: we fall into that trap. We believe in the definition of “good” people give. “We are all born beautiful; the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not.”[1] It is like we are all screaming, but no one can actually hear. Perhaps one day we will wake up from our lifelong nightmare. Perhaps not.

The world keeps teaching us to have an open mind, but it locks us up in a box. It makes us afraid. We are so scared. Scared to be “ugly”. Scared to be different. Scared to be lonely. Scared to be poor. Scared to stand out. Scared to die. In fact, we are so afraid to be afraid. We are so afraid to live. Now prove it that those things are not the prison of your mind.

If you really think about it, what is there to lose? Running around with a mountain on your shoulder does not sound like a lot of fun to you, does it? It might not be an easy question—but what is it, in life or beyond, that keeps you going? What makes you feel alive? What makes your entire life worth living?

Quit trying to be anyone else. There will always be people who are more perfect. There will always be ones who are smarter, stronger, funnier, prettier, richer. There will always be ones who are better. Instead, find your own match to light your own fire. Find it within you the flare which never burns out.


To give some freedom to your soul. To swing from one tree to the next. To sink under water. To dance with the stars. To dine with the devils. To question who you truly are. To become less like others and more like you. To embrace what they say is impossible.

There will be haters. There will be people who say “no”. Do yourself a favor because it is time to focus on the ones who say “yes”. Do not go after people who underestimate you. Do not underestimate yourself the way that they do. Prove them wrong. What is the meaning of living if you do not have a tiny bit of space to be true to yourself? What is the point of staying if they are seeking a brighter lantern?

This society will continue to play you. It will build only one path for you. It will order you to follow your passion. What if you have not lived enough to have a passion? Do they expect you to just be born with it? Do they just build you a battleground and leave you to it? They can only turn friends against each other. They tell you that you should want good things for your friends but never better than you.

You are so much more. You are too smart to only walk on one path. You are too strong to give in. You are too bright to be dimmed. You are too loved to be cruel. You are too alive to be stopped. You are also too blind to know your worth.

Swim that sea. Dive that sky. Breathe out that poison. Reject that paradise. What is the point of following through if it never really makes you happy?

Close your eyes. What do you see? What makes the world beautiful for you? Stick to that beauty and it will give you a million shards of light to hold on to.

Open your eyes. What do you see? Your life would never be the same if you were a little brave to set it free.



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