Queen of Darkness

Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself. ― Rupi Kaur

xfinite_art_queen of darkness

She’s the queen of darkness. She feeds on the light. She sings like an angel. She talks like a knife. Her smell is poison. Her skin vaporizes. Her tears drown the world. She’s the girl who can’t smile.

She leaves no footprint. Fire vomits from her eyes. She crushes every heart. Yet no one says goodbye. Her touch is lethal. Her stare hypnotizes. Her sweat burns the ground. Her anguish roams the sky.

She could stab, cut, and kill. The heart of steel in disguise. She slides across the highways. And leaves the city in ice. Her strength shatters mountain rocks. Her greed is undefined. That beauty rattles the forest. She laughs as the universe cries.

Blocking her stands a man. A lover she no longer recognizes. Her hair forms a sharp blade. She slit his throat alive. He had a mirror in his hand. A weapon that is futile. The memory of her weakness. A reminder that she is fragile.

Only when she sees her reflection. That she realizes. She only became a thief of people’s happiness. Because she never accepted herself as she was designed.


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