Judgement is Just Lazy Thinking

Judge me and I will understand how you view yourself. ―Molody Lee

xfinite_humanity_judgement is lazy thinking

Human language can be a tricky thing. Imagine calling a “tree” a “leg” or calling your “shoes” your “head”. Everything seems to be already named by someone and all you have to think about is its name. It would be very strange for the brain database to call the objects anything other than its label. But does that affect your ability to think at all?

Let’s take a moment to analyze the air you are breathing in. As long as you can identify that it is “air”, you are done. You shut your brain because you allow it to think that you already know what it is. On the contrary, what you do know is just a given name for something far more complex.

You see? If you really start to think beyond its name, the first oxygen was produced approximately 2.7 billion years ago by blue-green algae [1]. It took them billions of years to form an accumulated atmosphere, putting together a world where life is possible. Before this, the planet had to go through an accretion of the solar nebula, volcanic outgassing, and other countless chemical reactions. If there was ever one tiny mistake, there would be no oxygen or us.

And there is a whole lot of things that the “air” can do. From pouring rain to a tsunami, it is a huge part of everything we know. More often than not, the brain completely refuses to follow its curiosity and acknowledge all of these things because we are just too lazy to think. And this laziness results in a far more monstrous crime.

What crime can that be?

We see people and we automatically examine them based on their outside appearances. We ask them their names but we never really ask what it means. We name our interaction “first impression” because we decide to judge a person by their looks and performance. What we never do is try to understand their characteristics and personality.

They are their own persons, yet they have to fit our fine definition. Black. Not good. Muslim. Not good. Gay. Not good. Ugly. Not good. What is it that makes us better if we already step forward and give them a ‘not good’? If every Muslim is a terrorist, don’t you think the world would be in chaos with two billion of them by now [2]?

When you see beauty in someone, it does not only mean that they are beautiful. It also means that you are dipped in pure beauty yourself. That is why you are able to see it everywhere. So the next time someone tells you that you are not good enough, remind yourself that it is only because those people secretly think they are not enough.

Life is more than just a beauty trend. Life is more than just insecurities. They only compare themselves to you because they think they mean something less. Rupi Kaur once said that “other women’s bodies are not our battlegrounds”. You will be much happier if you use your beautiful eyes to see this beautiful world.

It is so easy to judge everything about everyone everywhere. But we have to know that we only do it because we are just lazy. We are lazy to keep looking for value. We are lazy to keep looking for something beautiful. We just cannot be bothered to invest our time to search for something real.

It all starts with something really simple. The air we breathe. The food we eat. The things we see. Behind your favorite color, there also exists a smile. Behind your favorite gender, there also is a heart. Behind your defined beauty, there will always be strength, kindness, and empathy.

As much as we would like to put a label on everything, nothing should be limited by our selfishness.

When are we brave enough to pick the hard way?


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