The Space Between Nothing

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. ― George Orwell

xfinite_sociology_the space between nothing

The universe can be a scary place. It is made out of nothing, yet it has everything. Inside every small thing of the universe, there is a universe yet to be explored. A way to describe it would be a dream within a dream. Something as small as an atom holds the power to bomb the entire planet. Something as invisible as Dark Matter is capable of holding the cosmos together.

And then there are humans, nature’s masterpiece. We seem zero, but we claim ourselves to be an infinity. We create another universe called ‘society’ and we have fun rolling it around. We create money to motivate ourselves to work, but we end up becoming its slave. We really want to be good and kind, but we want the people to see it.

Who makes all the rules? What if someday we think that killing is right? Do we avoid harming each other because we are only afraid of the prison? Is it in our blood to argue, judge, and produce battle scars? In fact, we probably already have murdered someone. All the nasty comments we put up on the Internet might make someone commit suicide. We get our freedom of speech at the expense of someone else’s life. Do we do it because there are no consequences?

Everybody is eager to move forward. Everybody wants to improve, grow, and thrive. Why do some people go faster than the others? What if it isn’t just about the roadmap of their lives? What if the ultimate goal in someone’s life is to catch up with society and trend? What if all they fight for is to look good without even wanting the things that make them look good?

Why do we want to learn more? Is it because we do not want to acknowledge that we are ignorant? What happens if you know everything? Would this world not be ‘fun’ for you anymore? Would life have zero meaning without all its beauty and its pain? Do you become nothing when you know everything?

Will science be able to know everything one day? Will we ever find out? If we do, will there be more to discover? If we don’t, are we going to call it crazy because we cannot understand it? Why is there so much pain? Are there less pain in the parallel universes? Would we want to be there instead? Can science even predict our pain?

Let us pretend that there is a next life. We would not be us in our next life, would we? If we forget everything, why would we want to keep having another life? Would we make better decisions there than we do now? Or is it better just to know that we would not completely disappear? Is it better to see the ghost of your loved ones because it is better than seeing nothing at all?

Sometimes we are confused because there is no one right way. Which way do we go? Whatever we do, there will always be a path untaken. Whichever choice we make, we will always be missed out on something. What is there between nothing? What do we do when we get lost? Are we supposed to be lost like this?

Maybe that is why we like to look up at the night sky. We like to know there are others even when we want to be the best. We like to set our hope high and live our life right. But what if every way is right because it is better than no way at all? What if there is someone out there watching us outside of this universe? What if there is nothing but emptiness or peace?

There is a space between nothing. Inside that nothing lies a whole lot of things we cannot comprehend. What if we chose to be this way?


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