Farting is Special?

He who lives upon hope will die farting.―Benjamin Franklin

xfinite_science_why farting is funny

Humanity―including everyone that ever lived―has farted approximately 17 quadrillion times ever [1]. It is undeniable that everyone farts around 14 times per day. Yet each time someone let it rip, the bubble of laughter is burst. Farts could be as speedy as 3.05 meters (10 feet) per second, which is 11 kilometers (7 miles) per hour. What is it that makes this funny/smelly gas from your behind so special?

Smelling farts can help you live longer. Flatulence is hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria as they break down the food in your gut. This gas can be extremely toxic in a large amount, but they can combat the risks of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension [2]. The next time your loved ones complain about you breaking the wind, tell them about the unknown masterpiece you have produced.

Better food causes smellier farts. Dairy products, juice, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and even starchy foods―like potatoes, pasta, corn―are known to be the maximizer of the farting machine [3]. Eggs and meat are so rich in sulfur which makes you pass the gas with heavier “scent” as well. When your farts smell so bad, you might think something in there is really wrong. But it could just be an indication that your health is doing great.

Farting is the universal sense of humor. It is a common sense that farting scenes have been used in comedy and animation for entertainment purposes worldwide. Unless you do it in front of the fan across from your boss, farting usually provokes laughter and provides amusement. Where there is laughter, there is an antidote to stress, pain, and conflict [4]. Who knows? Maybe a fart is all it takes to stop a fight.

Holding in farts is not dangerous. Farting offers you a great agreement. Either you take all the benefits and let your friends make fun of you, or you can push it back and ignore it. It would not mind. The reason is that farts may be hydrogen sulfur, but they are also trapped gases. And humans can never entirely avoid swallowing air. If the time is not right, don’t answer the knock. It will come at another time.

Farting is a successful Sociological Imagination. What this means is you let the fact boiled down into your blood by believing that farting is funny. Everybody farts. Everybody laughs more than once because of farts. Anywhere in the world, your sense of humor is influenced by your society. You didn’t think it was funny when you were little. Until everyone laughs at your gas, you are embarrassed and you start to think it is hilarious too.

As humans, we have taken a million things for granted. But fart was never one of them. It may be because it is flammable. It may be because it is funny. It may be because it is beneficial. It may be because it is stinky. In whichever way, we will continue to do it 14 times a day, both consciously and unconsciously.

What a miracle is that!!!


18 thoughts on “Farting is Special?

  1. Some years ago, I mentioned to a friend, Vitak, that farts were flammable. He’d never heard such a thing before, but for the next two weeks or so, he spent every spare moment waiting to fart, matches ready. His excitement was no less than that of a sports fan before a big game.

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