The Art of Nothing

Knowing we know nothing is the highest degree of human wisdom.―Tolstoy

xfinite_the art of nothing

It’s the milk you have spilled.

It’s the plan you haven’t sketched.

It’s the work you haven’t finished.

It’s the money you haven’t made.

It’s that noisy neighbor. It’s that empty fridge. It’s that broken heels. It’s that awful breakfast. It’s that jammed traffic. It’s that smelly subway station. It’s that annoying coworker. It’s that narcissistic professor. It’s that strict boss. It’s that rude shop assistant. It’s that slow internet connection. It’s that slow walker. It’s that paper cut. It’s that bad hair day.


It’s that bill you haven’t paid. It’s that empty wallet. It’s that job you’re tired of. It’s that answers you haven’t remembered. It’s that person who hurts your pride. It’s that fight you cannot win. It’s that skin you’re stuck with. It’s that pitch which didn’t get funded. It’s that pun which breaks you on the inside.


It’s just another bad day. But look!!! You have survived. They say all the trouble could be the greatest tales. Forget that!!! Let’s focus on you. Not on the work you dislike. Not on the dreary plan. Not on the hurtful conversations. Not on the stress that drowns you.

You are still alive. You are still breathing. Your heart is beating. Your blood is flowing. Your brain is functioning. Your eyes still see. Your ears still hear. Your nose still smells. Your tongue still tastes. Your body still responses.

It is time to stop chasing time. Stop draining yourself when your energy runs out. Stop comparing yourself to anyone but yourself. Stop magnifying the flaws of everything and everyone. Stop creating a storm inside by the thunder outside.

It is time to give yourself time. It basically means do nothing for a while. Shut down all the negativities you have encountered today. Shut down all the buzz that develops your insecurities. Shut down all the voices that claim the throne in your heart. Shut down everything.

DO NOTHING. It’s not sleeping. It’s not watching Netflix. It’s not scrolling through social media. The idea is to get rid of the eternal fire: the feeling of incomplete. Just do nothing. Never mind the problems of life. Never mind the criticism and complain. The idea is to make you remember how to forget what is not you. You do nothing to remember who you are.

Look at the endless sky at daylight, and the uncountable stars at night. Swallow your greed, let your anger fade away. Breathe as if each breath was your first. Let the infinite possibilities drive you. What is it that you really want to do? What is it that gives your life colors? Stop that internal conflict, that inner demon which slowly kills you.

DO NOTHING. Not all of the time (that would be catastrophic), but make sometime. Train yourself. Teach yourself purpose. Teach yourself endurance. Teach yourself patience. Teach yourself how to give happiness to yourself. The day your happiness does not depend on something else is the day you are no longer blind.

Number Zero is the most powerful number because of its complexity. Imagine a universe with nothing: no stars, no dust, no ice, no hydrogen to form the big bang. Imagine planet earth with zero life. Imagine yourself with zero blood cell.

Perhaps doing nothing gives you the power of being something.

Perhaps only when you think about nothing that your mind drifts to the meaning of everything.



7 thoughts on “The Art of Nothing

  1. Again you left me speechless.. ! The way you write it is in the flow.. ! I rarely comment, and only when I like the thoughts of the blogger and I understand… You are blessed..! And this was worth reading ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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