The Science in Us

We are small, but we are profoundly capable of big things.―Stephen Hawking.

xfinite_history_the science in us

The modern world has faced greater development than most of other chapters in history of humanity. The key drivers which significantly impel human development to soar into the high points are science and technology [1]. While science studies the logical truth of the universe in a more abstract way, technology takes advantages of it to produce new inventions and solve problems in society. In the past five hundred years, there is a remarkable progress of both elements, causing an endless competition between people towards a better approach. Therefore, this article will highlight that science and technology shape the world of history to excel at making these huge advancements in the past five centuries.

Science and technology inspire human’s creativity and utility to new innovation that changes the world. This means that the insight of scientific procedure pushes people to their fullest potential as they feel obligated to invent something new. An example of this is Galileo’s telescope, a scientific instrument and an emblem of the modern science in history, which functions as the sixteenth century gadget: surveying, calculating, and even zooming in time of battles [2]. This particular object is a representation of the combination between science and technology which can be compared to the invention of Hubble Space Telescope, however drafty. Back at the time, common sense still believed in Geocentric Model of the universe, and had it not been for this device showing the movement of the stars in cosmos, it would have been a wonder to see the people’s ignorance that we are in the center of everything today.

Science and technology assist humanity in bringing back its logical sense and reasoning. After approximately a century of suffering within the emptiness of the Middle Ages, the enlightenment arrived in the Renaissance Period and established a style for this rebirth of logic and wisdom. For example, De Vinci’s study of anatomical dissection is the first serious scientific study on human biological bodies and, therefore, plays a major role in discovering medical field of the world today [3]. The rejection of religious texts and the objective for a better understanding of nature have led humans to utilize their logical side in order to have control over their lives. Without dissections and other medical findings, people would not be able to differentiate an infectious disease from Black Magic. Science and technology boost confidence throughout history to redeem humanity and its rationality.

Science and Technology form a communal voice which connects people together to fight for what is right. This means that isolation, the well that hides people from justice, is no longer a problem when the method of communication is widespread and accessible to individuals. Once each person is exposed to the mass information, they then decide what is worth living for. Women had been treated like slaves for as long as history was recorded because they were classified as weak. Without a proper education and communication, women did not understand their rights and suffered from the control of their traditional rules. Not until 1920 that the citizenship of women was added to the constitution because of their suffragists’ campaign [4]. This is the result of massive communications that brought women together through telephones and radios which were invented at roughly the same period of time. Women would probably remain “worthless” like they had always thought for millenniums if it weren’t for science and technology.

Science and technology allow humans to be productive without using labor forces. Most of the physical workload is transferred to be operated by machines which is less-costly and much more convenient. This also means no more slavery, violence or abuse, and duties are proceeded with quality and quantity. While handiwork can only feed individuals and their families, technology makes it possible for countless types of products to be made and traded throughout the world, infrastructure to be built to reach their destinations, pieces of eight to be transformed into global currency, population to be exponentially increased, and the Internet to be shared just about everything there is to share. It all started with agriculture and a little help from science and technology.

In conclusion, science and technology has made a huge leap towards the future that nobody has ever seen before. Discovering the truth in the universe, figuring out the cure in medical science, connecting people to fight for what is right, and replacing violence with technological machines shape the beautiful world that history has never once encountered. Even though some might claim that there are major consequences resulting from these two factors, science and technology have given humanity more than it could ever ask for. The stake might be high, but awards have outweighed them.


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