Why is the world unfair?

Who says life is fair, where is that written? ― William Goldman

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Have you ever felt so struggled for things which come so easy to others? Have you ever felt like you are the only one who bears the weight of the world by putting it on your shoulders? Nobody sees the pain you hide behind your smile because the truth is nobody cares, at least not enough to understand. Nobody sees the battles within our hearts. Poor people think the rich is rich because of dirty corruptions, and the rich believes that poor people are poor because they are lazy. Doesn’t everybody share the same goal? Doesn’t everybody want to be happy? Happiness should not be this hard. Who said this world was fair? But then, why is it unfair?

Democracy is a myth. In Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, there is a paradox when it comes to social-choice decision; it is impossible to have a fair reflection representing everyone’s preferences. Free markets are only free because we fail to see the rules, boundaries, and restrictions behind the curtain. If there is such thing as freedom of choice, then drugs, guns, human organs, alcohol, slaves, and child labor should never be banned in the market of free trade. However, those things are banned for the sake of morality. But then, there must be someone to decide it was wrong in the first place. Thus, rules, boundaries, and restrictions are somewhat a matter of belief from certain group of people. What about the other group of people? Because their voice is underrepresented, they have no freedom of choice. Then, there is no completely free market, or democracy. In the real world, Pareto Efficiency does not really exist. Everybody cannot be better off without making others worse off, however small the minority is. In this case, the world could never be fair to the people whose perspectives defy the powerful.

Governments try in vain to act like it has no power. Senators try to convince the public that certain laws they establish are not political but economic truth. Politicians criticize and point out each other’s flaws just to make themselves look better. They always claim to have devoted themselves to save humanity, solve problems, and seek peace for mankind. They give out promises they never keep, yet every citizen keeps on developing false hope for a better tomorrow. They pretend to be Spiderman, leaving everything aside to fly and catch you before that car crashes you. They make you feel like they are your hero with awesome superpower until you fail to see the piano wires and the cameras. They regulate fair trade and free market, while only companies with certain capital could be opened with the permission for location outlets. The central bank controls the printing process and dictates all the interest rates. Therefore, interest rates are managed by politics and all prices are politically determined. Their excuse is that only government intervention can prevent inflation and recession. How could anything be fair when the world is in the hand of somebody?

Getting more does not usually mean individuals fight harder. Most people in rich countries are paid more than they ever deserve. Some of them receive fifty times higher wages for basically the same job just because they are in a more developed country. This does not mean that their productivity is higher or that they are generally better; it only indicates that their country has immigration control, and wages are greatly decided by the government. In similar case, agricultural farmers tend to make the lowest possible income even when they do most of the work. In contrast, the middle men normally take advantage of the poor people by purchasing produce for cheap prices to make a fortune with an expensive tag. Here is another way to look at it: companies are run in the interest of owners, not the future of the society. If employees are, let’s face it, able to please the employer, they are more likely going to get implicit promotion which is not in their contract. If so, truly hardworking people will miss out on this opportunity as they would rather focus on their work than entertaining their boss. In a much smaller scale, students with better grades are not necessarily more productive. Whereas good students review hundreds of pages for the upcoming exam, other not-so-good students find the answer sheets online and, therefore, achieve better GPA without focusing during lectures. Where, my dear, is justice?

Humans underestimate things stroked as ‘the most important’. How often do you get bored when your mother asks you too many questions? How often do you wish so badly that the person you are attracted to talk to you that much? Maybe it was the way we were taught, or maybe it was nature. Maybe we just always look up to the coolest and most interesting experience without knowing we occasionally live in an illusion. Most of my male friends, despite having claimed to be feminist, still believe that men ought to be stronger and such actions like crying ought to only be on women’s list. This is a simple pathway to another think tank. Do men still believe they are more superior after all this time? Why do babies say ‘momma’ before ‘dadda’? If men do not need that much emotional support, why are sons typically closer to their mothers than their fathers? Does this mean women are better off at home, being emotional and spending time daydreaming? Is that why we value the Internet more than washing machine? As far as can be seen, the Internet provides eternal ideas which are, half of the time, never implemented. Teenagers spend less time with their friends to make more abstract friends on social media who never truly care about them. Adults abandon networking and developing life plans, scrolling through their phones any chance they can get. Babies watch too much of YouTube videos, delaying their ability to speak. Yet, we admire the Internet as if it is our goddess, refusing to see what matters more. It is true that all washing machine does is washing. However, it reduces so much time that it allowed women to be able to go to work. It all can never be fair if we never notice our little big mistakes.

We are so lost. We were taught to be selfish, to scale, to grow… for our better tomorrow. We do not know that what we are doing might be leading our world into chaos. We do not respect each other’s opinion, we admire the rich and look down upon the poor, we look good rather than do good, we underestimate almost everything that should matter. What are we? We are just humans. Happiness should not be this hard. The word ‘fair’ should not be this hard. But we all know that, by now, most people have neither of those.


5 thoughts on “Why is the world unfair?

  1. I think it is the nature that the world is unfair. Pretty much living beings go extinct all the time throughout the span of life on earth, and through evolution forces that made us who we are today, indeed there were countless sufferings that our ancestors endured, and others who didn’t and died. This means there is a high probability that things will go wrong no matter what.

    For the capitalistic society part, I think it is still the best way to run a society compared to socialism. Socialism = everybody loses, capitalism = some win some lose. I agree that there’s a ton of inequalities in the work place, but I think the quality of life is definitely improving. I think the problems are with the people who are controlling the resources, not the system.

    For the next part I think we focus too much on physical comfort and pleasures that we neglect the parts that really matters – our inner well-beings, meanings and relationships. But human are easily exploited because our brain is wired to seek out pleasures with minimal effort. So I think we human needs a mindset update to handle properly the technological power.

    Overall I think things have improved tremendously but we still have a long way to go. And we the next generation are the ones who will impact the society next, so we definitely have to brace ourselves to be competent enough to solve the never ending problems faced by humanity.

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  2. I believe this is a broken world. I believe that nothing is ever in the favor of anybody. I believe we would never be able to completely experience utopia. I believe something would still go wrong even if all try to design a perfect world. But if that perfect world existed, we would have not called it perfect anymore. If beauty could be seen by everyone, it would not be as beautiful. It is in our blood that we are constantly looking for purpose in life, making an effort to change the way things work. We have a tendency to blame it all on the people who are not us; little do we know they are also humans. Humans make mistakes. We mess up. We fail. We hurt. We got hurt. It also has something to do with “collective efficacy”, which means that one believes that one’s action is not enough to impact the whole community. An example of this is plastic waste from each individual who does not suppose that their “little” amount of trash can accumulate in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    Paulo Coelho once said that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. This does not mean that everything you ever wanted could be yours within the snap of your fingers. You have to obviously work your way up to the point where failure does not bother you anymore. The quote basically explicates that you will live your dream when you try hard enough; when you show the universe–and all the particles of stars which make up who you are–that you have a clear purpose and you are willing to do anything to catch it. It is all about the journey, the grit that refuses to back down even in the moment of destructive chaos, the spirit that never lets go of the object of affection, the gut that fights for one’s ambition.

    So, why this theory? I agree with you that humans have never-ending problems. You also highlight a great point which says that “our brain is wired to seek out pleasures with minimal effort”. We are wired to see the world and dig out the flaws. It is tremendously easy to criticize that certain things in life are not acceptable, yet it is difficult to appreciate the good things that people did to drive us all the way here. The only way to make the world fair, I suppose, is to stop worrying about the imperfections that have in store for the world. The only way to make it fair is to start thinking what you can do to be the change you want to see, and what you can do to chase your dream and fulfill your life. If utopia cannot be obtained in reality, who says it cannot be obtained within the mind?


  3. Wow, I really admire your sophisticated way of articulating ideas. It’s both solid and beautiful, like a mixture of facts and emotions.

    I think life ceases to have meaning when there’s no problem. I think pain might be the only force that moves us forward. Rejections from women make men self-conscious, thus making men to make adjustments and improvements. A higher level might be the fear of not having a secured future, or the pain of experiencing other’s pain thus wanting to stop the causes of the pain.

    I believe the world is made out of Order and Chaos as in Taoist’s view. Only when there’s a balance between two then there would be an optimal state. But I think it would be impossible to achieve that, and the world and the individual will never be perfect.

    We as an individual, and the world fluctuate between chaos and order, thus constantly updating ourselves. Things are always degenerating and getting outdated, portrayed as the dying old king(like Theoden in LOTR) , and a new young king, a new system has to be risen to revivify the kingdom. But when the young king is not careful enough, he risks his father’s(order) life and causes the kingdom to be a chaotic state(like Simba in the lion king).

    So it is no easy task to improve the world. I think your last line ‘If utopia cannot be obtained in reality, who says it cannot be obtained within the mind?’ stroke me deeply. Because everything that happens i society first begins in each individual’s heart.

    “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. And even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained.”
    ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    So we gotta fix ourselves before we fix the world. Then we only we might able to bring not-so-utopia utopia to the world.

    I think I’ll stop here, got something else to do now. There’s a 3 hour movie called Cloud Atlas and there’s a book also, I guess you’ll like it. It’s about several same souls fighting against oppression in different lifetimes.

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  4. A bitter truth.. A new perspective.. A voice of truth.. and A person of Understanding… !

    We are lost because we are fair but not the society.. We are nice but not the society.. ! But aren’t we the society.. ! What if we be we, and the other’s get connected with themselves doesn’t that will make a society where every thing will work as a spark.. spreading from one to another..

    It needs the right voice, right tone, and an understanding that can create change.. ! and Yes you have that In you!!!

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    1. “We are lost because we are fair but not the society”. Whoa… it is such a wonder how lost we can be when we are just a piece of star. Society keeps on repeating its little big mistakes as we keep on blaming everything. But then, if society doesn’t give humanity a hard time, there probably isn’t any struggle for anyone to try and grow. Maybe we all learn from messed up scenarios. Sometimes if we really think hard, it is difficult to identify the perfect world.

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