Why are humans significant?


Life is like a maze in which you try to avoid the exit. — Roger Von Oech

xfinite_humanity_why humans are significant

Oech once said that life is like a maze in which you try to avoid the exit. Who are we? We are just a speck of dust within the galaxy. Our lives are about as short as a blink of the universe’s eyes. Our heartbeats are not sky-high. The fire in our souls does not burn forever. We are humans. We are everything you say, but so much more. Humans are eternal deep within, and humanity is what I believe in.

Empathy is the key to true happiness. The only way you can feel complete is to make someone feel complete. Like the smile of a hungry child after you offer him cookies, or the tears of joy when you hold out your hand for people to get back on their feet. It is like a string that ties the hearts together when one is able to put oneself in others’ shoes. Compassion creates infinite power for humans to understand one another. Every one of us was meant to help each other, to prosper and share that ember in the ashes. Only sad people are able to make others feel pain—in other words, every single person has the potential to change lives and fulfill the need of our entire species.

Love is the ingredient that keeps the world running. Lives are a production of love; everybody is loved from their very first breath. Affection fans the flame of the soul to keep burning, fighting unconditionally. While frogs’ parents leave them as soon as the eggs are laid, humans’ parents circle the line of protection for children as long as possible. Mothers smile despite her bleeding scars, fathers barely sleep at night planning our future war. We are all lost stars, looking for love because there is no point living without it. There is no point breathing without knowing you are cared for, fought for, or sacrificed for. Standing before all humans lay the presence of love. We all feel it.

Faith is believing in a brighter light when all else is invisible. Sometimes what is real is something you cannot really see. However, we all believe that lives have a lot of good things ahead of us. This leads to the fact that each of us is doing something we think would help us grow to the point where we deserve all the things that are meant for us. We all have that lightning energy beating inside our chest, radiating superpower to every blood cell in the body and commanding them all to thrive for a life well-lived. No matter who we are—children, parents, white, yellow, black, gay, straight—we are all the same. We have faith in ourselves even if we have nothing. Just like we know the stars are always there even when we cannot see them. We believe in the invisible, and we try to make it visible. We try to walk in the light.

Fear is a major element of bravery. Fear does not shut people down, it wakes them up. Being afraid ignites our mind to come up with countless possibilities to prevent sequences of events that might be in our way. This trait in humans also unleashes the dauntless within the individuals, pushing them to overcome their shadows in order to become the best version of themselves. A simple illustration of this would be: making friends as one is scared to be lonely, working incredibly hard as one is scared of failure, or even running surprisingly fast as one is scared of a pack of chasing dogs. We all are afraid of something, but we never let it get to us. One plain reason behind this is that we like to take control of our own existence. We set ourselves on fire and we turn the smoke to fuel our flight.

This is what I believe in. I believe in life. I believe in being compassionate, affectionate, faithful, fearful and beyond. All in all, I believe in humanity. I believe in the logic of our brains and the instinct of our hearts. I believe in our prominent flaws and our tremendous strength. I believe in our fatal failure and our sturdy success. And that is the reason why we are so significant despite our size in this unlimited cosmos. I could not help but be thankful for this itsy-bitsy infinity and this big battle in every second of being human. I could not help but believe in humanity.


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