4 Steps to Find Meaning in What You Do

Lead a life of purpose and value  1. Decompose Your Crisis If you are anything like me, you often drift into this world of questions. What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of our existence? What makes human, well, human? You get the idea. Most adults simply grow to accept that they … Continue reading 4 Steps to Find Meaning in What You Do

If You Decide to Leave Someone

Many people are stuck in unhappy relationships because they don't have the courage to leave. Two scariest questions will pop into their heads: "how do I leave?" and "what will I do?". To the people you will leave behind, it is considered a form of betrayal, deceit, and abandonment. Fighting for the love that's no … Continue reading If You Decide to Leave Someone

I Want You Forever?

I want you forever. It doesn't mean we're stuck together. It only means there is no point for me to look for someone else because I have you. If The Fault in Our Stars ever taught me anything, it's that you could give someone an eternal amount of happiness within a mere number of days. … Continue reading I Want You Forever?

Call Home

A perfect space in a famous hotel. One should be considered lucky to be invited. Following the cobblestone step, the visitors should find themselves in a hidden playground, a place that has an irrelevant purpose in this glorious gathering. It was as if the visitors knew that somehow the playground would downgrade their value. It … Continue reading Call Home

Inside the Minds: The Man I Used to Call “Dad”

A person hanging on to the "chain". I was trained to be an adult from a very young age. I had to know what to do, making decisions, and defining what is good and what is bad for the entire family. I thought that was typical for every kid but as I grew older, I … Continue reading Inside the Minds: The Man I Used to Call “Dad”

How Much Are You?

Dear reader, There are many unspeakable things in this modern world. Some have been led to believe that such events are caused by a certain group of individuals conventionally referred to as villains. But as you digest my upcoming stories, I can assure you otherwise. You will soon realize that even the most "decent" people … Continue reading How Much Are You?

Resistance to the Rhythm

Conquering your weakness through introspection and reflection. If you're good enough, why do you try so hard to prove that you are? Your weakness cannot be used against you. Well, it can... if you are afraid of it. And being afraid of your weakness is being afraid of yourself. Never forget what you are, for … Continue reading Resistance to the Rhythm

What Defines You?

Whatever choice you make makes you. ― Roy T. Bennett My Name is [insert your name here]. I don’t know if I was born to do something or if my life has a purpose. I don’t know if destiny is real. But I do know that, despite what’s being real and what’s not, you have … Continue reading What Defines You?

Inside the Minds: I Waited 24 Years for Her

XFINITE asked a person to share the love story of their life. To understand my story, you have to not think about it. You have to feel it. You see, for me, true love is the love from the heart. It is love without reasons, without conditions. Just love. It feels like warmth, peace, and … Continue reading Inside the Minds: I Waited 24 Years for Her

The Dark Side of Love

Every time I think about the past, I shall see colors, not sadness.  Dear Love, I know you’re an independent soul with a will of fire. I know you’re burning so bright and running so fast like there are flames beneath your feet. I know you know you’re strong, but there are days when your … Continue reading The Dark Side of Love